Shadow-free continuous light.

Ideal for macro, catalogue and medical photography.






(the ringbody S is in black Aluminium)

SARA-LED Compact

for all compact cameras/pocketcameras can be mounted under the camera at the tripod-socket, with flex-bending arm

Daylight quality

SARA-LED - The new dimension in lighting technology for macrophotography. The circular lighting unit is screwed like a ring flash on to the filter thread of the lens.

34/36 circularly arranged Ultra Bright LEDs generate a directed light of extremely high contrast and intensity. The character of the light is similar to that of daylight leading to exceptionally natural colour reproduction

Continuous light - not a flash

The unique advantage of SARA-LED: unlike a flash. the light is always available, including while aligning and focusing, so that brilliant macro images are possible (even hand-held) which up to now could only be attained at a considerably greater effort (e.g using a tripod). What you see in the viewfinder or on the monitor is 1:1 the image captured - sharp and shadow-free.

Because of the LEDs' focused arrangement tight on the lens, camera and light have an almost identical optical axis, and so the camera 'sees' only what is lit. The directed light also makes possible shadow- and reflection-free illumination of cavities and recesses, for example in mediclne and dentistry (see die in cup illustrated). Should a softer or polarised light be required, we also supply diffusing and polarising filters as accessories.


SARA-LED (58 mm filter thread) fits by means of a filter adapter on practically all compact digital and video cameras. lt is attached with a 20 cm connecting cable to a handy battery pack (1,5 hours operation). The battery can be placed on the flash adapter or in a jacket pocket. We offer also complete dental camera-systems.





  Sample with Redirecting Mirror

The light of the future

The new Ultra Bright LEDs in SARA-LED convert more than 80% of energy into light. Consequently, they use only half as much power as the best energy-saving lamps. Furthermore, they are absolutely maintenance-free, shock-resistant and longlasting (servlce life about 10 years). For these reasons UBLs are called " The light of the future" .

-which is not the case for side lighting.
In terms of reliability. power consumption, heat dissipation and durability, Mikro SARA-LED easily surpasses the usual halogen Iamps. But even the far more complicated filament ring lights are not equal to Mikro SARA-LED, requiring as it does no noisy, easily soiled air-cooling, and above all, no need to change the lamps for the next 10 years.
Mikro SARA-LED is screwed onto the filter thread of the microscope by means of an adapter. Alternative couplings are available for microscopes without a filter thread or with a pivoting lens. Power is supplied from an AC main adapter.



179,00 Euro+VAT


SARA-LED ECOnomy-S - 40N

269,00 Euro+VAT


SARA-LED Compact

219,00 Euro+VAT




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