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Product Novelties

Two new products or rather product groups in LED-illuminating systems for dental photography  now top off the range of Company RAMEZANI Kamerasysteme GmbH, Nürnberg. For the first time there is a light system for dental photography, which may be used absolutely irrespective of the camera, the new and trademarked SARA-LED-StudioLight and LATeralLight-System. Furthermore the extremely economically - priced ring light system SARA-LED-ECOnomy, which was brought to market some months ago, has been supplemented with  the more significant ECOnomy-S version.

SARA-LED-StudioLight and LATeralLight

A lot of people are familiar with the twin flashes known from traditional macro photography. The SARA-LED-LATeralLight is the unique LED version of these approved flash systems with all the advantages of the continuous light, especially in using of digital cameras. The double-sided and lateral illumination of the teeth effects a more vivid appearance of the shooting and as the light hits the teeth in an angle, reflections will be anticipated or rather minimized.

The SARA-LED-LATeralLight is equipped with 2x66 super bright LEDs  and beams the light extensively towards the object. Mounted through a guide rail to the screw thread of the tripod of the camera, it is absolutely independent of any type of camera, because any camera, even the smallest pocket cameras, are equipped with a tripod screw thread. Not to be mistaken with an "impeller", arranged laterally of a ring light, which, if at all, only makes sense .in combination with a ring light.


Why must the light be at the camera at all ?

In a second version the LATeralLight doesn't even need to be fitted to the camera. By means of a chin-cup, handel and guide rail it might be directly kept close to the patient. Handed over to the patient,the dentist/dental photographer is able to focus on his camera and the shooting without facing any additional ballast. This version we decided to name StudioLight, because it works like in professional photography where the studio is illuminated and the photographer has no light at the camera.

Even though the view of the overall picture with the model incorrectly gives the impression of overexposure in the mouth area, nevertheless an accurate exposure arises in the mouth area, if only this zone being taken. That is to say, the camera adjusts to the lighting conditions of the display detail chosen







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Of course, the LATeralLight/StudioLight can be also combined with a ring light system. E.g. in combination with SARA-LED-ECOnomy ring light  with  34 super bright  LEDs the concentrated illuminating power of 166 LEDs is availiable.




The highly economically - priced ring light system.SARA-LED-ECOnomy (from only 189,00 € +VAT.) has been topped off with the "S-category" . The case of the S-variant consists of black aluminium instead of gray plastic, high-quality screw thread made of brass, locking ring - so that the ring can be fixed in any positiondesired, lens-/ respectively LED - ring protective cover as well as additional filter screw thread in front are the enhanced attributes of the S - category. The quality of the light of all SARA-LED ring light systems has been retained unchanged in its high standard, with nearly daylight quality and therefore optimal for dental photography



SARA-LED-Ringlight Information




All SARA-LED lighting systems meanwhile operate with standard rechargable batteries respectively batteries, available everywhere. Thus the flexible and network-independent use is warranted all over the world. For stationary use a power supply unit is also available.



SARA-LED-Ringlight Information



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